We always begin with the business and what it is trying to achieve. Whatever the project, it’s important to step back and understand the objectives and challenges in business terms. We will guide you through a planning process to determine a cost effective plan which will deliver on your business goals.

Technology evolves quickly

Understanding the Technical Possibilities

With new technology it’s often difficult to understand the possibilities without appreciating what the latest software and technology can offer. In many cases we find it works best to demonstrate examples of the technology. Customers then visualise the possibilities better and formulate new ideas. We may ask you to visit us for a demonstration and round table discussion with key members of our team. For simpler projects we may demonstrate via online meetings or send you screen shots. 

Business Scenarios

Scenario Analysis

Scenario Analysis is used on projects which aim to change/improve business processes – usually custom software developments or business process automation. It aims to produce a thorough breakdown of possible outcomes given a series of events or actions by the user.

In terms of understanding the complexity and detail of business process (current and new) Scenario Analysis is an excellent technique. It is simple to follow and allows the people who are involved to think about how their system will really be used.

Scheduling in Microsoft Project

Project Scheduling

Our planning always includes project scheduling  to analyse what and when the project will deliver and any impact on your resources. The more people and resources involved the more the importance of an accurate schedule to work to.