Our Partners

To supplement our in-house resources we can call upon the support and products of 3rd parties who we have carefully selected. Some of our key partners we recommend are as follows:

  • Microsoft

    Parabola has worked with Microsoft technology since our inception in 1999. This was based upon the availability and pricing of enterprise level technology such as SQL Server to SMEs and organisations other than large corporates. In addition Microsoft has always provided excellent support for software developers with the .NET framework and the Visual Studio toolset. Parabola became a Microsoft partner in 2003 and a Gold Partner in 2005.

  • uCommerce

    Parabola has recently evaluated the market place for eCommerce solutions using Microsoft .NET. We believe uCommerce currently leads the way in terms of mid-market solutions. We became a uCommerce partner in 2012.

  • Paper River

    Paper River are experts in automated document capture and paper processing. Their solutions encompass secure printing, paper processing automation, distributed print capture, business intelligence, business process re-engineering and efficiency optimisation.

  • Telerik

    Telerik provide some of the very best developer tools to support Microsoft .NET. Parabola make use of many of these products and has the licences to use and redistribute them as part of our own solutions.

  • Combined Knowledge

    Combined Knowledge specialises in the development and delivery of SharePoint Training, Education and Adoption. Parabola has supplements its own custom SharePoint Training offering Combined Knowledge’s off the shelf offering successfully for many years.

  • Redgate Software

    We have proved the value of Redgate’s products in managing and developing SQL Server databases and .NET code. For instance, Redgate’s SQL Compare product enables a significant reduction in the cost of database deployment and administration.