Parabola’s design is a synthesis of creativity, invention, software engineering and economics. Our solutions demonstrate their worth in both the short and long term.

Get the right look and feel

Visual Design – the Look and Feel Concepts

New systems may need a new look or you may already have your branding as a starting point. We have a wealth of experience in graphic and web design to enable us to work with you on how the new system will look as well as production of the final product. We never underestimate the importance of look and feel to our clients.

Interface Design

Interface Design – the UI Concepts

User Interface design is key to success here and years of working with web and software design have driven our thinking.

Gathering early feedback is crucial to all software design. We never expect anyone to read through hundreds of pages of text-only specifications - instead we provide them with something visual. Wireframes provide something that can be shown and discussed with stakeholders early on in the process, before any coding is complete.

Technical Architecture Planning

Software Design – Solving the Complex

Software design is the process of problem solving and planning for the code. After the Envisioning is complete and the solution concept determined, our developers will complete your software design before cutting any code.

Considerations include the maintainability, robustness and security of the solution as well as ensuring correct functionality.

Design of a Database Entity

Database Design

Underlying your solution is the data. Good database design is essential for the long term performance, reliability, scalability and security of the solution.

We have over 30 years of database design experience and theory in the Parabola team - it’s one of the things we do best.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture

Your Information Architetcure provides a way to organise your information so it's easy to find for the people that need it. Effective Intranets, websites and portals need a good Information Architecture at the outset. We will analyse the planned use of files and data to design an elegant, effective solution which is easy to administer and adapt in the future.