Our Culture


Established in 1999 we began by bringing our software development expertise and experience to the growing web solutions market. One of our first clients was AMI Ltd and we continue to support and develop their systems today.

We became a Microsoft partner in 2003 and a Gold Partner in 2005.

In 2005 we delivered our first SharePoint solution when we realised SharePoint could deliver complex solutions “out of the box” for which many others were developing custom software.

In 2011 we joined Intellect and were awarded the Business Professional Certificate in the same year.


Openness and transparency – Good communication and transparency is always the easiest and the best way to work. We have no secrets from our clients or our staff. Beneficence – We are committed to our client’s best interests. To this end we endeavour to understand our client’s business and needs, and to provide our services only on the basis of good training and experience. Our practices are informed by the best available information and we endeavour to keep abreast of relevant industry research and trends. Trust – To be successful we need to build a trusting relationship with the client which lasts. This simply means being true to our word at all stages and delivering on our commitments. Our projects work best where clients return the same level of trust. Consider the long-term view – Businesses can often require a short-term approach but success with IT requires an appreciation of the long term needs. Our design of solutions always takes into account your long term strategic objectives as well as your short-term needs. Function and form – IT systems are primarily about functionality and we believe this is at least as important as the visual.  Reduce our environmental impact – Parabola aims to minimize the environmental impact of all our activities and to help our clients and partners to do the same.

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