About Us

Parabola has always been totally committed to our clients and their success

Since our inception in 1999, Parabola has always stuck to the same basic values. 

We're now known for our open and transparent approach and our commitment to our clients' best interests. We work best with people who want a supplier they can trust to make technology really work for them. Some of our clients have worked with us for more than 10 years - this says a lot about their confidence in Parabola and our commitment to customer service.

Our team of specialist .NET developers and SharePoint consultants produce software applications, SharePoint portals, eCommerce websites or classic websites and web applications. Starting with an understanding of your business we’ve evolved our own approach which we have proven will deliver success.

Whatever your vision for IT in your organisation we're confident we can give you a great way forward using the best of Microsoft Technology.

We enjoy technology and the challenge of delivering

The hype that surrounds new technology is not what really matters to us. The challenges and opportunities that harnessing that technology can bring is what really gets our juices flowing. We've seen our client's business improve radically as a result of a new system - can there be a more satisfying feeling for a Software Engineer?

Technology is so fast-moving that the challenge can be just keeping abreast of the new options available. If you love new technology like we do this is a highly enjoyable challenge and we will always be delighted to discuss what the latest software can offer.

It's our people that really make the difference

We pride ourselves on the quality and diversity of people in Parabola. We're also proud of our very low staff turnover - this is no doubt related to the team-work atmosphere and the opportunities for personal development that Parabola offer.

We believe in employees having a good work life balance - working hard every day, developing themselves and still having a life outside of work. With our new office space near the Thames we have worked hard to provide facilities that make Parabola somewhere pleasant to work. Facilities such as bicycle parking and showers actively promote a healthier lifestyle.