Whatever your challenges Parabola can provide the services to progress your business. From the initial concept, through to training and support, we have the experience and professionalism to deliver success with IT. We offer a comprehensive set of services for the whole project life-cycle.


Key to our approach to projects is the use of Envisioning. Envisioning workshops enable us to “shape” the project with you. It includes a definition of objectives, challenges to be addressed, scope, solution concept, cost estimates and timescales.

Project Services in SharePoint
Project Services in SharePoint


Your problems, ideas and aims will be converted into a clear and effective plan of the way forward including phases, milestones and deliverables.

We will engage you in interactive meetings to understand the needs of your business and demonstrate the capabilities of the proposed technology. We have a lot of experience making sure that all issues relevant to your business are discussed and planned for.

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Our solutions are always a balance of form and functionality.  Being creative and designing solutions that both meet your objectives and elegantly guide the user is what we are most passionate about.

Our technical and design experience mesh together in this stage. We have a range of software tools and design techniques at our disposal to ensure the design concepts are agreed before we start and if something does need to change we can adapt it..

Visual Studio 2010

Software Development

All of our skills are used to give our customers the technical edge. We are continuously refining our software development skills to keep at the cutting-edge of IT and we regularly undergo rigorous training and examinations to keep up to date in today’s rapidly developing business software environment.

Our Software Engineering expertise includes web, desktop, database and cloud technologies.

Responsive, Accessible Support


There will always be times when you need some technical assistance. Parabola will always respond quickly and try to deal with your problem there and then. If we can't deal with it immediately, we will record the details and keep you informed of progress.

Our customers love our support service – we have been supporting some of them for over 10 years. We provide a responsive, accessible and personal service when they need it.

We’ve recently made our support packages more flexible to ensure you get whatever help you need and only pay for the time you use. To ensure you stay in control we provide regular reports on support usage and the status of current support tickets.

SharePoint Installation

Technical Consultancy

We can provide expert advice and assistance with the configuration and deployment of a range of Microsoft products, both on-premise and in the cloud. Our experience and broad technical knowledge can save you time and money: we know the pitfalls and the keys to performance and resilience. Our consultants are passionate about Microsoft products and have years of experience as external consultants; they will help you leverage the vast capabilities of the Microsoft product set.

SharePoint Health Analyser

Health Checks

If you have problems with your current system the best place to start is often a Health Check - a comprehensive investigation of your current system and any problems or concerns. It’s painless and fairly quick and it can give you the benefit of technical expertise and provide the best way forward for your IT.