Our Approach

Our five stage approach to delivering projects helps ensure you meet your business objectives and ensures effective team work between Parabola and the client. We believe in delivering tangible business benefits quickly and cost effectively.


We always like to start with your business. What are the underlying business objectives and what approach gives the best chance of real success within the budget? For large projects we facilitate interactive workshops which involve the key members of your team and help to ensure buy-in. 

Plan and Design

We want you to appreciate how the solution will work in practice and understand all the implications for your business. Our design presentations may include mock-up visuals or demonstrations as well as detailed specifications where appropriate. Our project planning includes a candid assessment of any risks and realistic scheduling.


We use an iterative approach to development which makes use of the best of Agile and other methodologies and techniques. We endeavour to use Microsoft recommended best practice wherever possible. The code we deliver will be of the highest quality and tested to ensure what we deliver will work first time and can be maintained in the future.


We deploy remotely with care and planning to ensure that there is no interruption of service and that the system is robust, well documented and in a position to be extended and supported.


We provide on-going support for all our solutions. We’re proud of what we deliver and happy to help you with their administration and support. More Info