Parabola’s clients move to Azure

10 July 2014

Here at Parabola we like to be at the forefront of technology. Currently it’s technology in the Cloud which is forging ahead, progressing in leaps and bounds. We’re keen to take full advantage of the Cloud where it can benefit our customers. On the application side SharePoint Online has opened lots of new possibilities and enabled us to develop SharePoint Apps.  Another example is cloud hosting, so we’ve moved our hosting to the cloud with Microsoft. There will be no obvious changes for our clients, but some benefits in terms of performance and reliability of their web applications.
Now we are hosted on Windows Azure, we can…

  • Run important jobs related to the websites (such as indexing to improve search performance, or producing a daily email summary of transactions) in the background either continuously, on schedule or on demand
  • Safely deploy updates in the background minimising downtime
  • Rest easy knowing that websites are hosted on a secure server that is always up to date with the latest security patches
  • Be more agile with the ability to scale up and down the server resources



If you are interested in Cloud solutions for your hosting, get in contact to find out more today.

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