Mobile Fire Safety and Property Maintenance checks with SharePoint Online

11 August 2014

Adactus Housing learnt to stop worrying about what SharePoint ‘is’ and with Parabola’s help instead started to think about what it could do for them.  Working with Parabola in this way they found a solution to a problem they were having with fire equipment checks at properties with communal areas.

The Old Way

Adactus’s Mobile caretakers recorded 5 different fire safety inspections a month at 150 properties on paper...

PROBLEMS: What happens if there is audit of the fire safety check? Where is the paperwork when they need it? How can we monitor staff when they are offsite and ensure the necessary visit and checks are done on time?

The New Way

Mobile caretakers can now use their Android phones to complete their property checks. Supervisors can see where there staff are, the results of the checks and also track performance of each caretaker.


With menu driven inspection SharePoint App which provides date and time stamping of tests, recording of GPS locations, and an inspection database accessible to central office staff and supervisors, Adactus staff are all happy about the new App and the new way of working.

Tony the caretaker said “usually you introduce these new [systems] and they take more time. This [app] actually saves me time”

Once the possibilities were realised, further functionality was added to enable the caretakers to record more detail about their visits to property including testing completed, faults found, actions taken to resolve faults.

To find out more about how SharePoint Online could solve problems for your business give us a call on 0208 339 4380.

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