Environmental Statement

As technologists we believe that IT can help reduce man’s impact on the environment. Here are some of the ways we are putting these ideas into action:

Use Technology to Minimise Business Travel

A great example is the use of Microsoft Lync for online meetings or video conferences. By using Lync with our customers, partners and colleagues we reduce travel time and energy use. Similarly, Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection enables us to provide customer support remotely, timely and securely.

Recycle and Reuse to Cut Down on Waste

If you’ve visited our office you may have realised we have our coffee in nice china cups instead of throwaway plastic ones. This is just one of the small things we do to reduce, reuse and recycle every day. Since 2007 by increasing our use of the built-in technology in SharePoint we have reduced our paper use by 87.5% SharePoint allows us to work together on projects and documents without the need for printing, no matter where our customers or partners are.

Have Low Carbon Commutes

Our team all walk, cycle or use public transport to get to and from work, resulting in health benefits as well as a carbon reduction. Shower facilities, bicycle racks and convenient transport links make lower carbon commuting easy.

Reduce Our Energy Use

Our energy efficient virtual servers help us make significant energy savings (we had 10 physical servers until we virtualised) and of course we use power saving modes on all equipment. We prefer fresh-air and open/shut our windows to regulate the temperature rather than air conditioning.

We are dedicated to making small changes in the way we work every day to decrease our impact on the environment and we are committed to helping our customers do so too. Microsoft SharePoint and Lync are just two of the technologies which enable you to work anywhere, saving money, time and the environment.