We’re moving our hosting to the Cloud

05 November 2013

Over the past month Parabola have been moving our hosting services to Microsoft’s cloud service, Windows Azure. This move was driven by a desire to improve our hosting service and ensure the reliability and robustness of our web applications. In addition, we recognise Microsoft's development of Azure as a Cloud solution is very significant and that Parabola needs to keep up to speed with the technology.

Why are we doing this?

Using the cloud gives us:

  • A very secure, stable host for our client’s web sites and web applications
  • Potential cost savings as the costs are purely usage based
  • Guaranteed service up time
  • Configurable automated backup and recovery
  • A lower environmental impact as we are using less hardware and energy compared to our previous dedicated hardware
  • Scalable storage capacity that can increase at any time without us having to make large hardware purchases
  • Support for popular non-Microsoft technologies such as node.js and php, databases such as MySql and Oracle.
  • Increased flexibility, we can use Azure in many different ways, from dedicated virtual machines to simple website hosting
  • Location choice, we can choose where we want instances to be deployed, e.g. if one of our clients expanded their operations in Asia, we could add a second instance of their server there.
  • Servers are automatically kept up to date whenever Microsoft issues a new release.

To summarise, we are moving to the cloud to provide a more flexible and sustainable hosting service at a manageable price.

After a thorough investigation into DNS providers we’re also moving all our domain name management to GoDaddy. They provide a more manageable DNS control panel than our previous hosts, allowing us to provide an improved service to our customers.

If you’d like to hear more about cloud hosting or the potential of Microsoft Windows Azure for your business, please get in touch.





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